How feng shui can help you

More money

Whatever you would like to achieve: 

  • successful career 
  • increase of wealth
  • timely investments
  • selling &buying properties

The ancient Art of Feng Shui will help you to achieve your goals


  • finding and keeping your dream partner
  • being respected in your workplace 
  • having supportive friends
  • having loving relationship with your siblings and children

  Feng Shui is dealing with these tasks for more than 4000 years

Chinese Astrology

Selecting your lucky dates for important events 

  • wedding
  • surgery
  • moving home or a crucial business meeting 

FS can provide your life-map and help you to navigate with it

About Anna



Anna Dun has provided Feng Shui consultancy services for business and private purposes for many years. She is a follower of the ancient classical style of Feng Shui.

She is a member of the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore and the International Feng Shui Society in the UK.

Anna’s client list includes many illustrious names as she advises a number of health institutions, sports and wellness clubs, colleges, universities and several conglomerates in the European entertainment industry. Anna worked with several governments and multinational companies across the World, such as Coca Cola, Danone, El Corte Inglés, Ford and Casinos Austria International.  Today, Anna is happy to consult her clients on  personal and organisational matters. This includes both domestic and business related consultation aimed at improving productivity and well-being. Locations: UK, EU, USA, South America, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Russia.   

Some interesting cases

  • Family mansion sold within an month with the help of feng shui survey, after a year of unsuccessful trials.
  • Casino Royale in Grand Hotel PuppKarlovy Vary, the very location of James Bond film. Profitability was highly improved 

Consulting services

  • Consulting the construction firms and real estate partners 
  • Consulting sport institutions and sportsmen
  • Improving profitability and income for businesses and private clients
  • Supporting my clients health and wellbeing
  • Helping my clients to improve their private life and relationships
  • Helping people to sell and buy properties successfully